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Three things, and then I *promise* I'll shut up...~g~

1) I feel like Kofi Annan right now. No, there isn't much of an explanation available for that. ~g~ Sorry.

2) I've been referring in my "Current music" for a while to a song called 'Wherever, Whenever' by a kind of Aguilera/Mariah crossover called Shakira. I just looked up the lyrics, 'cause I couldn't quite believe it, but she actually *does sing* this :

Lucky that my lips
Not only mumble
They spill kisses
Like a fountain
Lucky that my breasts
Are small and humble
So you don't confuse them
With mountains

I have a feeling it lost something in the translation...

3) Earlier I had that Groove Armada song in my head - "If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other..."
There are clearly some LJ users they've never had the good fortune to set eyes on...*

Like I said. I promise I'll shut up now. ~s~


*Mind you, if everybody looked like *that*, no-one would ever stop looking in the *mirror*...~s~

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