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Two images for you...

1) A kitten. Who caught a butterfly between its paws, and worried it and worried it and worried it and worried it and suddenly looked down at it and found that it wasn't trying to get away any more.
The kitten wouldn't be sad at the butterfly's death - disappointed, but not sad...and would head off in search of something else to catch, no doubt.

2) A nest of really really tiny velociraptors...
...feels like it's somehow been installed in my throat. I hate colds - I can't sing, I can't take anything in in lessons, I can't sleep, I can't taste anything. Sigh.

Oh, and a

...gratefully stolen from katyha - thank you!

current mood: Exhausted, sore. (I wish there was a good reason behind that.)
current music: For some reason I have Metallica in my head, but I wish they'd leave - they're provoking the velociraptors.
current taste: Water.
current hair: Same as always - down, ringlets, uncontrollable.
current dress: Black, of course.
current word: "Sorry".
current annoyance: Right now...myself.
current smell: Much less possible with a cold.
current game: See above for dead butterfly references.
current thing I ought to be doing: Moving. *On*. Dealing.
current windows open: Just this one.
current desktop picture: Despite my best efforts, the network won't tolerate desktop wallpaper. However, at home, Zechs and Treize have somehow got back up there.
current favorite group: I am very fond of Pulp, at the moment.
current book: Or not. Will be Steve Strange's autobiography, when it comes out.
current cds in stereo: Upstairs, 'Innamoramento (single)' by Mylène Farmer. Down here, 'This Is Hardcore' by Pulp. (No...I still don't like most of it.)
current worry: I'm being laughed at again...and something (else) idiotic about me is being or is about to be told to ten people. There are downsides. Sigh.
current crush: ~g~ You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
current favorite celeb: George, of course!
current hate: ***cliché warning*** Myself.

True, though.


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