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Happy Thursday, everyone!

First time in a long while that I've gone into a Thursday in a positive frame of mind...~s~
Happy Thursday.

I have just heard yet another unbelievably bad 80s cover version - this time of 'The NeverEnding Story', originally by Limahl, this time around by a couple of tone-deaf twelve-year-olds who - I can't quite get my head round this - are calling themselves "Creamy". (They must be Scandinavian; nowhere else would ever think of that as an acceptable band name.)
There's been an extraordinary proliferance of these things lately, from Girls@Play's apalling cover of Mel & Kim's 'Respectable' to AllSTARS' amazing double-whammy - first a fantastic cover of Duran's ITSISK?, and then their current single, an hysterical cover of the Bucks Fizz track 'The Land Of Make Believe'.

Sticking that alongside Limp Bizkit's 2001 rerelease of their cover of 'Faith' and Marilyn Manson's wonderful 'Tainted Love', I'm beginning to wonder if I should start collecting 80s cover versions. What do you think?


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