January 24th, 2011

Book & flower

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I know I'm just asking for further indecision here but out of curiosity, if you were going to read a piece of fiction/short story/book about a closely involved group of people, wherein the interlinking relationships and personal interactions are more immediately significant than any of the context in which they happen (and if you're never going to read a book like that, that's fine, just ignore me), would you be more interested if :

a) The story had a single protagonist (or narrator) through whom everyone else's interactions were observed
b) The story had multiple but defined protagonists (or narrators) between whom your viewpoint switched
c) The story had no defined protagonist (or narrator) but was told as though uninflectedly observed from outside the group?

& regarding protagonists/narrators, which would interest (or annoy) you most - first person, second person, third person, past tense, present tense, future tense?

I've read books/stories of all these kinds in the last year and I'm delighted by all of them, so I'm the wrong person to answer this question for myself, I am pretty sure there are some people who get annoyed by books telling them what they did, and/or by present-tense narrative. :)

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Today's song combines synthesisers, medieval vocal harmonies, and lyrics from Carmina Burana, as you'll probably already know if you've ever heard any QNTAL before. This is in my top five of their songs and if any of that sounds like your thing, then you should already have this, because it comes on like a perfectly-choreographed firework display in a huge vaulted cathedral and there's nothing not to love about that.

Flamma - QNTAL