January 23rd, 2011

Under the ivy

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Hey kids! What I have been doing :

* Work (continues charming)
* Seeing Tron Legacy (ridiculous but also superbly visually beautiful)
* Playing Lego Harry Potter with asrana (never less than wonderful)
* Family lunch for my nan's birthday (hilarious - my dad has acquired a seventeen-year-old disciple he can't get rid of, it could only happen to my family)
* Sorting out the world with clockworkwasp (invaluable)
* Watching Skins like an obsessive hoarder of tiny damaged teenagers (which I am - please no spoilers, I have only just finished season 2 and am determinedly avoiding spoilering myself for the second generation)

What I have not been doing :

* Managing to get to Vagabonds (sorry, guys. I really wanted to, but so exhausted)
* LJ (again, sorry everyone - fell off the grid, as it were, thank you, Tron Legacy)
* Making mix CDs for you like I promised.

The last of these is bothering me because a weekly mix is totally doable, but I keep coming up against a huge wall of, but, nobody will care, and nobody will download, and what if I post it on a day when nobody is around, and everyone hates my music, and blah blah whatever, and then not posting anything. So I am going to go back to the idea of a song a day, which I will be less fussed about because it takes less effort on my part and also on yours, & at the end of the week I'll just link to all the previous songs in one post for people who weren't around to pick them up during. I know, nobody but me cares, but I've got all this music and it ought to go somewhere that isn't just here.

With some of which in mind, here is the staggering 'Night' by Zola Jesus, a howlingly beautiful, wrong, dark and devotional thing that cries out this is the worst idea either of us has ever had but come here, come here over a vast, flickering lake of electronics and drums. It is amazing and you need it. Or maybe that's just what it wants you to think.

Night - Zola Jesus