March 5th, 2010

You won't get me with your belladonna

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I accidentally caught some of this on TV the other day. I could have sat and watched it for hours. Hours and hours and hours. In fact I think I shall find it somehow and do just that, someday soon. I've never seen something define 'shenanigans' so perfectly.

I'm ill, if you hadn't gathered that from my enjoyment of ridiculous early 80s TV shows. I'm at work anyway because I'm not that ill today, but, christ, it's been a real bastard of a week. Never mind, though. Tomorrow it's the weeken- oh, wait, I know how well that went last time. Sigh.

I'm also addicted to White Collar (impeccably-dressed pansexual conman. it's, like. it's. well, you know me) and...ugh, guys, I don't even. Other people are having worse weeks but I'm having a really rubbish one, all the same. Whine. :/