January 30th, 2010

I learned to fly I learned to fight

The questions run too deep for such a simple man

Today, a man came up to me as I was sitting chatting with a friend in the cinema cafe and this conversation ensued (note he had been loitering and glancing at our table for about ten minutes at this point) :

Man : Do you like New Moon?
Me : Um?
Man : Not the movie, the, you know, the music.
Me : What -
Man : Muse? OK Go? Do you like them?
Me : I like Muse, Muse are good.
Man : Who are they like, then? Who are they like?
Me : Well, I guess if I were going to compare them to anyone, it would probably be a sort of more futuristi-
Man : Supertramp?
Me : ...I guess they are a bit like Supertramp, actually, in that they're sort of psychedelic. I was going to say Led Zeppelin, though.
Man, incredulously : Led Zeppelin?!
Me : Yes, like an electric space age Led Zeppelin, but faster.
Man : Can I say something to you?
Me : Yes?
Man : You remind me of Mama Cass!

He then ran out of the cafe giggling, tripping over a chair in his haste to escape. The above (while charmingly surreal) is part of the reason I'm not at Vagabonds tonight (as now I feel like a whale, obviously), along with me being an idiot with money and just general exhaustion after a busy week. Sorry, guys, will definitely be at next month's.

The people upstairs have just moved in and have been blasting really loud, annoying music for the past couple of days; I was just thinking 'oh god, another whole bloody night of overhearing their awful R&B' when they miraculously put on 'Lullaby' by The Cure. I'm so confused.