January 11th, 2010

Vinyl semaphore

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So, the fundamental truth of the matter is, I have lost somewhere in the region of 12,500 songs. Some of those, obviously, are on CD here with me, and to be honest (and seriously, seriously sad) I am pretty sure I can remember everything I've lost, but I would still be really, really grateful if those of you for whom I have made CDs could at some point in the next few weeks try and chuck the tracklist(s) my way - not just so I know what I've lost but also so I know what I've given you, so I don't run the risk of repeating myself in the future :)

If anyone has the time or inclination to throw together .zip files or mp3 CDs or something and send them, I'll be even more grateful, obviously, but I am happy* to replace everything myself - I just don't want anything getting lost down the back of my mental sofa if I can help it! Oh, but speaking of lost down the back of sofas - the old faithful Romo site has finally bitten the internet dust, which means I can't reclaim my Plastic Fantastic songs and I will genuinely be distraught about that, so if anyone has 'Jesus Loves That Rock'n'Roll', 'Fantastique No. 5' and 'Plastic World' please, please swallow your pride and send me them somehow. I can't live without their camp Eno-pastiching ridiculousness. :)

Thanks, guys. xxx

*I mean this! I mourned the loss of it all for a couple of days back in December and then started thinking with wide, delighted eyes of being able to download it all and sort it all into folders again. My brain is very special and I like sorting things, especially music. :)
I am fighting for love

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Right this minute, I am watching 'Fireflies' by Owl City on asrana's television. If there are spelling mistakes in this post it is because I can't look away from the screen. I am spellbound with joy. Spellbound. Oh good god. This is ridiculous. What the fuck, it's so perfect, help.

(I had one of those moments I have of realising I have no idea what's actually out there right this minute. Now I want to watch music TV all night in case there's something else like that! Except there's nothing else in the world quite like that. :) Sadly, number nine was bizarrely unconvincing hispanic dance and number eight is properly awful, awful R&B. Shorty's like a melody in my head that I can't keep out, got me singing like na na na na, every day - it's like my iPod's stuck on replay. Why do they bother, really?

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