December 19th, 2009

I'm not sure I trust this "futurism"

Geek help, please :)

My computer has a problem. Specifically, what looks like this problem (I can't run updates for Ad-Aware, it didn't much want to install the new version of it, Trillian won't accept the new update and refuses to delete from my system - and won't run the old version because 'I don't have access to it' - I bloody do, though - etc, etc). Normally I bury my head in the sand about these things, but you know, the last time I did that my old computer eventually died, and so will this one, so can anyone help me fix it? Running Ad-Aware as is doesn't find anything, but it doesn't find anything at all, which is implausible as there's usually at least some cookies that need deleting. I let AVG scan this morning as well and towards the end of that it exploded in blue screen of alarming messages. \o/ Sigh. It was fine before I left on Wednesday!

So. Can anyone help? I can't understand the advice offered in the link I've posted, because I am useless at the technical side of computers and don't have any idea what they're talking about - if you can offer help, please couch it in frustratingly simple 'go to this bit, click this thing, this thing, and this thing' language because otherwise I won't know what you mean. Sorry. :/ But please help if you can, I don't want to lose Sebastian, I've got quite fond of him!

Thanks, guys. xxx
(I've tried patience)

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Sigh. Went to back up some of my music, or at least make quick notes of what's there so when it comes to redoing everything, I have a list.

No music.

Awesome. Isn't it lucky I've got such an encyclopaedic memory for that kind of thing? Ugh. Panicking everywhere, because broken technology makes me screamingly terrified, but I'll see what can be done. Otherwise, see you on the other side. xx