November 4th, 2009

He loves his block.

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Many years ago now I asked on here about an old Australian kids' TV show, one of the 329874 that were randomly shipped over here while I was growing up (Ship To Shore, The Girl From Tomorrow, and so forth), and eventually we tracked it down to having been Finders Keepers, a show based on a book by Emily Rodda. adjectivemarcus got me a copy of the book - because he's amazing - and now some kind soul has put the damn thing on YouTube. I love the internet so much. I genuinely haven't seen this since I was about seven, I am so many kinds of thrilled to hear that mad neon intro again :)

Now all I need is someone with Timebusters. But no-one will have that, as it was just a game show. An amazing LARP-esque game show with people acting out times from The Past while kids ran around asking them questions to complete their quest. I miss it.

And now I have to go to therapy, and not sit here watching The Demon Headmaster. I love you, YouTube.