October 16th, 2009

Really though.

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Surprise arachnids I can just about handle - the whole point of why I hate them is that they can hide anywhere and get away through any tiny crack and whatever. But yesterday I was woken up by a surprise Flying Thing; I don't know what it was, as it wasn't striped but definitely had the capability to sting and my knowledge of flying stinging things stops at 'bee', 'wasp', and 'oh christ I think that's a hornet', but more alarming is that I don't know where it could have come from.

This morning there was a wasp in my bath.

Like, I have the ability to get rid of these things now, using my special superpowers of having fearless warriors semi-professional musicians living in my head, but I would really like to know how they got in in the first place. Ugh.