August 25th, 2009


(no subject)

Oh, christ, I just got myself an eBay account, finally. What am I letting myself in for -_-

In other news, I have moved house, but still have no internet at home and so have been out of contact - I've borrowed the lovely asrana's internet a couple of times, but I always feel weird about writing to people or being properly in touch with people when I don't have my own machine and connection running, so apologies to anyone who's been wondering where I've gone, although that's a very small number of people. :) I want very much to see people again soon, I've just got to get a bit more unpacking done than was required to set up my computer and stick some posters on my walls. *s*

New flat is lovely, though. Really lovely. Parents were very sweet for the whole move (I am very grateful) and everything survived, including me. So that's good :) And now I am at work and someone next door is playing the piano accompaniment to 'The Wizard And I' from Wicked, which is nice~

Much love, everyone. Moving/massive change etc makes me crazy, so I am likely to go on being rubbish for a while, sorry :/