July 16th, 2009


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Well. Saw HBP last night. It's. pretty good, actually. I went into it mostly blind, as well, because that was the book I tried to read on at least four separate occasions and couldn't make it past the first couple of chapters. All I knew, I knew from being on the fringes of fandom, and what friends had told me, most of which I'd forgotten. I remain pleasantly surprised by Daniel Radcliffe. Luna is my actual hero. Tom Felton appears to have dragged himself hand-over-hand out of the pit of suck he fell into somewhere in Prisoner of Azkaban and was actually pretty decent, which was just as well, because [spoilers go here, only I don't. write actual considered opinions anywhere any more, so I'm not writing one].

I guess there is the potential for spoilers in comments, assuming anyone else was like me and gave up on the book somewhere around the appearance of the Slug Club and its dreadful dialogue.