July 14th, 2009

Nights At The Circus

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Why is the surname hardest of all? Go too far one way and it enwanks the entire thing, swathing it in purest wank for all time, and too far the other way deadens the two thirds you've already got right. Ngh.

Wavering between Troy Octavian Desmarais and Troy Octavian Hart right now, and I'm sure there are still other things. and. I realise that 'Troy Octavian Woolf' isn't actually all that bad, but 'Troy Woolf' really does sound like a bluff American army boy and I'd prefer to avoid that. although 'Troy Hart' might not be any better, it just looks it from here.

Sorry, out of my mind at work trying to find people/things that don't exist, as usual, so thinking about this instead. I've got to find something, otherwise, you know, it's just sitting there being unfinished. Sigh.
Edit - this is, though, not the right day to be thinking about this, because I have spent the entirety of today wanting to obliterate myself with kitchen equipment. So remind me I'm not to make any decisions based on how much I fucking despise myself :)