September 5th, 2008

Under the ivy

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Back at work today. It is probably not healthy to be this excited about what is technically, I suppose, data entry. (Poirot; Caruso. Separated at birth?)

At last, it is autumn. I know it is, because it doesn't feel wrong to listen to Type O Negative any more. Hurrah.

I love autumn. Autumn means my favourite day, my favourite weather, music, fashion trends, scents in the air, scents in my ridiculously overflowing box of perfume. :) Autumn means I can wear Guy Fawkes - her perfume smells of burning leaves, seriously - and Punkie Night and Bonfire Night and Samhain (which would be my signature scent, if only I could wear the thing all year round, but it doesn't feel right outside of autumn) and Harvest Moon and Danse Macabre and Pumpkin Spice and and and. (More things I shouldn't be this excited about, probably.)

God, it was good to get out the door this morning and think, I *want* to leave the house, so I can be outside in this. Please, no sudden heatwave. I wish all days could be like this, but colder.


C'est pas la folie, c'est sa banlieue

When someone writes the definitive essay on fandom - I mean, when someone sits down and explains the insanity of it, the way it is a black hole of time that means I sit here for long, long minutes trying not to grin so hard my face hurts and simultaneously cry like a child for no real reason, the way it can make total strangers loathe or adore each other in a way very few other things can, the fragmenting into groups, the shipping (WHY DO WE DO THIS. WHY. I was born doing it, and don't understand), the giddiness, the stars in my stupid hopeless eyes, the conventions, the cosplay, the meta, the joy and pain it's possible to experience through reading one sentence connected to one's current whatever-it-is - when someone writes that, will you let me know, so I can read it, and understand?

There is no reason to cry. There is no reason to cry! Fandom, what are you. *facedesk* I was working! I am going back to work. Damn it.