June 2nd, 2008

Mask with cat

Status update and emotional blackmail :)

So, for anyone curious as to what's been happening in the ongoing Saga Of The Man With The Window Fetish, I would like to stress again how awesome the police have been, although possibly that's just because I continually expect to be laughed at and they haven't, but I've had a phone call almost every day from someone nominally just checking to see if I'm all right, not, say, requesting information or with any other obvious motive for ringing. This morning someone called to set up a time for me to go in to give a proper statement. Is this good? Bad? Honestly I have no idea.

I thought I was okay, you know, but I'm kind of not. I realised the morning after it all that, like I thought last year, he seems to know when I get home, and turn up an hour or so later - it could just be coincidence, but it doesn't seem to be. And that means it's probably someone who lives across the road from me in the blocks of flats, and that meant that when I left my house this morning I suddenly felt like every window and everyone I went past was him, and that's just. Not grand, for a girl who already hates being looked at, and already gets panic attacks. But here I am in work, so he hasn't won yet.

So, in an effort to cheer myself up...I have a birthday coming up, on the 19th.
I never do like asking for things, and I won't sink to wishlist territory, but the thing is, there's only really one thing I want this year. Basically...you know those Japanese dolls? A dear friend of mine has found one that looks pretty much exactly like the young Steve Jansen from Japan. (Boy; doll.) I will save, and I will get him, but it is slow going and it occurred to me that if anyone wanted to, they could maybe give me a pound? And if the people who stop by this entry did that, if they wanted to - and, dude, you all know me, you know I don't expect anything from anyone ♥ - I would be much closer to being able to get him.

Like I said, it is just a thought. :) I don't feel like I have a right to ask for anything, but in case anyone was thinking, you know, I have this spare pound, I have no idea what to do with it...
Going to hide under mountains of work now and pretend I didn't make this post. :)

ETA: Oh, right, details would be useful. Uh. I have a paypal account at duranorak at gmail dot com, you know, if. :)