May 29th, 2008


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Joy oh joy.

Y'all remember the guy who turned up outside my window last year and, uh, made himself a happy man, all night? (COLD, SURELY. SURELY VERY COLD.) ANYWAY, HE IS BACK, TONIGHT.
We got security lights and venetian blinds and he is still out there again. I'm sure this is the first time since way back when I called the police.

I guess I should call them again. God, I am so afraid of being laughed at.

ETA Did call, of course, they turned up very quickly this time but not quickly enough to catch him. Still, though, I'm glad I did, I guess? Ugh. Shaking. >.< WHY ME. WHY.

ETA II : OH MAN, YOU GUYS SO TOTALLY DON'T NEED TO HEAR THIS, but right now the Scene Of Crime guys are outside my window because he came on it.
There are not enough letter 'w's for the length of 'Ewww' this requires. Oh man. Man.