January 13th, 2008

(I've tried patience)

Further adventures of Mr. Crazyperson

The sequel to this and this. Ye faga continuef. Here, in the third letter, the insanity climbs several rungs of the ladder - this is much longer, covered in handwritten scrawling (some of which is spelling corrections! so this one's less full of typos), and contains more obscenity than ever before!

Don't miss this fascinating insight into exactly what the Dalai Lama is capable of with the powers of his mind. Seriously. It may seem impenetrable at first, but if you make the effort, the rewards are...something. Especially paragraph 3. I'm going to leave it as it is overnight and then tomorrow I'll bold-text the best lines for those of you who can't bear to wade through all of it.

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PS I know it seems very sad, as well as bizarre and hysterical, but at the end of the story lies a pot of gold for Mr. Nameremoved, I promise. Also, no, it's not a fake. I promise you that, too.