September 1st, 2007

We're planning something terrible

World : 1 - rationality : 0

It's so typical of me that the thing that makes me break my LJ silence is getting hilariously giggly about a crush* I have. I hadn't intended to be mute over here, it's just that I haven't been able to think of anything to say, or at least, nothing anyone could be remotely interested in.

There's been work, which continues marvellous if frustrating and occasionally driving me mad by virtue of involving a cellist who comes in sometimes and tries to force his lunch on me. There's been talking and stitching in the company of asrana, whom I love very much. There's been a lot of getting the flat ready for the arrival of sanssommeil (very soon now!) and impressing my parents by being able to ring up water companies and things. There's been cake! with clockworkwasp; always a bonus. There's also been a couple of evenings spent in the truly outstanding company of frozen_in_honey and her co-conspirators, who are bloody marvellous.

I've been having quite a good time, really. I suppose that's why I've not been posting. :) Been reading, though, mostly, except on work days where I sort of lose track, almost as if I were some kind of real person. But, of course, I'm not. Because a real person wouldn't spend her work filing programmes about concert performers with ESP channeling music by Debussy from beyond the grave, whilst refusing salmon sandwiches from a cellist.


*One of several, obviously.
Dear dear.