May 7th, 2007

(I've tried patience)

But, the country/Lord, help me

Today I escape down to Sussex to be with my family. Well, when I say "escape", what I mean is "have to go, creeping like snail unwillingly and all that, oh god, please don't let my dad have got her a really bitchy cake again or something, oh, I don't want to get out of bed". Which is at the clockworkwasp's because I came over here yesterday for DVDs and company, which there indeed was. :) Watched the Glodmine again. God it's been a long time since I last watched the Glodmine. Jack Fairy continues superb.

Oh, and then more Firefly - watched 'Safe' again to ascertain that it still makes me cry, which it does ("Yeah, but she's our witch" - if only, if only) and then first viewing of 'Objects In Space' which is, if you'll pardon my language, fucking intensely awesome. Wept again. It doesn't take much at the moment. Managed to cross fandoms with the Glodmine by pointing at the screen and going "That's me, that! That - that - that is me!" Poor River. She shouldn't have to suffer such comparison.

So, anyway, today, Sussex. Tomorrow, Sussex. Wednesday, Sussex. Thursday, back to London to watch Wicked with my mother, which should be good but fraught with woe. I'll endeavour to hack at their dialup enough to make it let me check my e-mail, but I won't be around online much. I don't think I'll be making it to B-Movie on Friday either, I will probably be peopled-out and want to just go and sit in my little flat. I like my little flat, now it doesn't have some crazy guy having one off the wrist outside my window any more, kthx.

Mmm. All this exhaustion has made me talkative for once. Presumably I should get deliriously tired and off my face on caffeine more often, then you darlings might have something to read.

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