May 3rd, 2007


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Yesterday the beauty of walking through Crystal Palace Park was unparalleled and breathtaking. It is the most extraordinary place, no matter what the time of day or what the weather. Yesterday morning it was the still cool sunlight of a day that's going to get much warmer but is taking its time about it. Wrens, magpies, a couple of blackbirds and eventually the local sparrowhawk came to say hullo as I was walking through. Nobody else around. Not anywhere, even on the terraces, just me and the sphinxes really. I can't believe I live beside something like this.

Cannot stop listening to Subway to Sally; am sentimental hopeless kitten. Never mind. Off to see mad art with the wife today. I am twice a sentimental hopeless kitten. I love everything this morning. (Except bastards, I still hate those.) Also I am drowsy and incoherent. Oh well. :)