April 25th, 2007

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Appear to be Still Not God. Mildly annoyed about this tonight.

Nevertheless, have seen no shadow of creepy guy outside the house as yet, which is promising. Then again, the first time he didn't arrive until one or so. You never know.

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No, no, you are wrong

"Here, watch this, shut up!"

Spitting actual feathers of rage! Actual feathers! Look! I could stuff a fucking cushion with this lot!

If only organisations like this didn't drive me to exactly the kind of killing loathing of humanity I'm sure Jesus wouldn't want me to feel, if I happened to believe in him, which I don't.

Oh, you know what else is destroying America at the moment? That's right - evil billboards! I hate these people. God damn those crazy billboards. Let's not even get on to the deadly dangers of homosexuality. Deadly! You see that word there? DEADLY!

"Paid homosexual activists are invited into our classrooms -- as young as first grade, one Detroit activist boasts - to offer our kids an early death by teaching them "How to be Gay.""

AFA? In the words of Dylan Moran, I hate you so much it gives me energy.

Edit : This. I. What.
"Would you treat your partner with more respect if he/she were Jesus? It's not easy, but think about it. Believe me, it is a lot easier to be submissive one to another when your heart is coated with the strawberry jam of Christian music."

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