March 9th, 2007

(I've tried patience)

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Hello. This morning Elephant & Castle is full of goth blokes. I'm not sure why. It's slightly disconcerting.

I cannot possibly express the skyrocketing joy of having seen Temposhark (your new favourite band) last night, so I won't try. They were beautiful. They were beautiful. My American friends, they are going to the US soon and will be at SXSW and stuff - please look out for them. They are the best thing in the world.

Also last night I watched Comic Relief Does Fame Academy. I am fairly certain vanishingly few people on my Flist will be watching this and therefore nobody else will have seen the bizarre ongoing flirtation between Colin Murray and Patrick Kielty, but it didn't half liven up my Thursday evening. And the evenings before that. And probably the evenings after that, if they keep it up. Or indeed even if they don't.

Oh god I am so shallow. :) Never mind.

Edit : Speaking of being shallow, YAY OHMYGOD, nobody tells me anything, why didn't I know about this, good heavens, I shall die.

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    'So Young', The Corrs. Not sure why.