February 5th, 2007

Hearts and spades and things

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I am ill, it is cold, and I have another flat viewing to go to now, in the cold, while I am ill. Entertain me while I'm gone! I'll give you a shiny sixpence uploaded song of your choice or something.

Tell me something I don't know :

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What do you really think about Valentine's Day?

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    'Leni', GoodBooks. Which I need to talk about later.
(I've tried patience)

I don't know why I'm using this icon.

* We have put an offer in on the flat we saw today. Please keep things crossed for me. Please please please. I want to talk about it but I won't in case something doesn't go right.

* I had such a great weekend with sparksoflight that I feel moved to document the fact. :) We went to the V&A and wandered down the Kings Road and went in the MAC shop and now I need a job because I must own everything.

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    Peter And The Wolf for some unearthly reason.