January 12th, 2007

Here be *dragons*, I said. Are you *deaf*?

I feel like being a girl

Wanted to write lighthearted post about how I am a bit hopeless with Adult Things and how I've spent the last hour looking at findaproperty.com and wondering what I'm missing about all the places that look nice, but I can't. Be lighthearted, I mean, that's exactly what I've been doing. I don't believe I can find anywhere nice, is part of the problem, I fundamentally believe that wherever I move to will of necessity be bloody awful because, you know, such is the trend of my life at the moment. I don't know why I'm bothering looking anyway, mind, because my mother will whitewash anything I think I like for her own random reasons and then I'll end up somewhere she thinks is good enough.

And I'm a bit scared of living on my own again, though it was always the only way I was ever going to survive living anywhere. I don't know what I was thinking, really, with this.

Oh, and my back's getting worse again. I kind of want to scream.

I can fly!

More reasons to love SoulSeek

Search just now for 'Duran mpg' gives first result as union of the snake.mpg/hints of reptilians in media/reptilian race/aliens & ufos/information/s:


(Also it's just returned the mp3 of 'Bloody Slut' to me after many, many months of living without it. Because, obviously, I forgot to search for it, but yeah. I promise I do buy music as well! I do. But not giant hardcore compilations like I'd need to get hold of this one.)

(Also also, video of tiny little Altered Images doing 'Insects' on the Whistle Test. Hurrah.)

We can all of us be gods


I am frequently a rational young lady. Why must there still be part of my brain that reads ridiculous outdated satanist acid-trip poetry and thinks "Oooooh. Cool. Iwannajoinacult." as if I'm a) fourteen and b) stupider than I was at fourteen?