January 3rd, 2007

Emily Strange


(The very word makes me giggle now. There's this song...) Anyway, I am awake at half past seven and was awake an hour ago and an hour before that and so on and so on, so that means I am now desperate enough to do that survey that's going around. I haven't done one of these in ages. Used to be all my journal consisted of, once upon a time.

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See, look at that, it's a whole hour later now. Isn't that nice.

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(I've tried patience)

Incredibly nerdy geek help.

Oh dear. I hate asking things like this.
Way back in 2001 a friend of mine suggested if I was too frightened to play actual computer games (I am) I might enjoy bashing monsters over the head in Angband (I did). It is, however, trapped on my other computer, which is dead, and I have tried without any success whatsoever to find the variant of it I was playing before. I could have sworn it was Oangband, but the version of that I've found to download lacks the main point of the exercise - sort of semi-3D graphics (a bit like this, but better-executed - I've looked at this one, it's...not much better than the text-based one really). I can't play it in its text-based form, it lacks all the fun of beating monsters I can see to death with a sword I can, you know, see.

Does anyone know what I was playing? Does anyone have what I was playing?
Your days of not taking me seriously are definitely coming to a middle, I know, I know.

Edit : Prodding the internet a little more, I may have been playing Oangband but with Adam Bolt's tiles designed for Zangband. I don't know where I would have got them from as a separate download. Also I feel slightly sick even typing all this, it is so sad.