December 5th, 2006

Jack. JACK.

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Plus ça change, really - I am still meant to be lying down all the time (I'll go back to it in a minute, I promise) and I still can't do anything and argh, it is indeed driving me up the wall. But people have been lovely to me, so, you know, thank you, housemates and Gail and Miranda, and Lizzie by phone. :)

At some point I will have time to sit and type an explanation for this, but for now I will just say
and go back to lying on the floor.

battlekitty and her boy are over for dinner tonight. Hurray! And then sparksoflight is over again tomorrow. Hurray! Even nine hours of daytime television doesn't look so scary when there are such great people turning up at the end of it.


I haven't slept at all, can you tell? Ow.
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    seriously, is he on bloody everything?