November 15th, 2006

(I've tried patience)


Hullo. Anything I was meant to be doing in the next few days, I'm afraid I might well not be able to do it, being as how I have (I think) ripped open some muscles in my lower back - somehow - and can't really walk, much less, you know, get up or down Gipsy Hill in order to get anywhere. Also can't sit for more than a few minutes before being in comical agony. This is very frustrating.

I have no idea how I've done this. It's a bit better today than it was yesterday but my legs are shaking just from how much it hurts typing this, so I'm going to go and lie down again. Apologies to anyone I was meant to be seeing or whatever. I'll try and get better soon. booklectic, I'm especially sorry, I don't know whether I'll be any better by Friday night. :/

I am very unhappy about this. Also ow.
Couple of other things are good though. :)