October 18th, 2006

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I wish, said Florence, that I had a fountain of money. Not so much so that I wouldn't have to work. Once I sort myself out, I am looking forward to getting a job.

But so that right now I could have £15 in my hand because I have just gone round the corner at the top of our street to find the other charity shop (the Cancer Research one offered up a Nitzer Ebb LP yesterday. Bizarre.) and although the records are the usual Mantovani Does James Last All Night With Richard Mills' Top Hits From The No Parlez Required business, as I was leaving I looked in their display case. They have. A working Stylophone. For sale. For fifteen quid.

A working Stylophone, my god.

In other news I cannot keep up with what's going on out here in the world of you lot, so please let me know if there's anything I should be aware of. Oh, and apparently there's one of those marvellous Versus nights in Cambridge on Monday, so I will be there to dance and generally cheer on my beloved Tudor Ambassador and his pet metrosexual warrior. And sparksoflight, obviously, who will be DJing. Yay.

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