September 14th, 2006


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Remember when I came to you all and said "What should I call my music blog?"? I'm doing it again. I'm starting up another one on blogger, and 'kittensounds' isn't really descriptive enough. Don't worry - I'm not abandoning my journal here, I just want something elsewhere a bit more formal so that if it comes to it I can point magazines at it and go 'look, see? you should totally employ me'. I have no idea what to call it; the idea will be to post about one song every day that people might not necessarily have come across, either because it's obscure or because it's only known within fans of one genre of music.

So does anyone have any ideas? Ideally it'd be something two-worded and simple enough that somehow conveyed the idea of 'lesser-known' and 'music'. If nobody has a clue that's fine, I just thought I'd ask, and I'll keep thinking. Thanks. xx

Edit : Full marks to kneeshooter. And second prize to dennyd. :) Thank you all.

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