August 26th, 2006

Random pretty boy obsession.

Where can I find you now I want to join in your game

Oh, blast. I've hit that moment again. I love LiveJournal because you can leave comments on people's entries and it's far less personal than sending an e-mail to somebody; you feel less bad about leaving the comment and the other person can feel less uncomfortable about ignoring it, or less weird about replying to it, whichever way. It's a culture, it's accepted etiquette, it's a whole lot easier than staring at that e-mail address and saying to yourself, if I were that person, would I want an e-mail telling me I was wonderful? It's impossible. I don't know what the answer is. To be fair, I have never had a bad response from e-mailing someone out there on the cybernet - I've just sometimes had a disheartening lack of response, which is at least far better than "Excuse me, who are you, go away". But still.

It's a silly thing to get all twisted up about, I know, but it is in my basic nature to tell people when I think they're brilliant and when they have an e-mail address on their website it is very difficult not to automatically assume they'll be all right with me doing that. I suppose it's all part of the madness. Gah.

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