August 10th, 2006

(I've tried patience)

Oh dear.

There's an entry in a music sharing community I'm on that reads :

"REQUEST: Morningwood. I want 'take off your clothes' and 'jetsetter'
it's for a good cause, im trying to woe a lady friend with my good taste in music"

I wish it'd been a request for a band who weren't as good as Morningwood, then it would have been even more amusing.

I am so very, very tired.

Edit : You know, Gmail links sometimes throw you the strangest things.
Wow. WOW.

"Women, I ask you to PLEASE look in your son or daughters rooms and really take alook at the music and movies they are exposing themselves to. My husband and I are debating storngly about sending our son to seek some professional help. Right now I amvery upset and do not know what to do. I do not want my son to become a pervert. I do not know how he got interested in this stuff at all. And I thought Marylin Manson was the sickest thing around."


"Well as I already said noise has had an adverse effect on both mine and my son's life, in fact my house almost burnt down because of it:(( Besides that episode there has also been blown speakers on my new stereo, my dog has taken to hiding when my son is home, and my daughter Ella cried all of last halloween because the sounds reminded her of those that emanate from my son's room."

I'm kind of fascinated. Collapse )

Yours in total bewilderment,

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