August 2nd, 2006


All together now : Squibbons!

Hurray! The Future Is Wild is back on BBC2! I've seen today's episode already, so I thought I'd come down and make a post celebrating my favourite nonsense-science programme ever, because it deserves heralding with slightly out-of-tune trumpets every time it comes back on our screens.

It's got a silly flash website with atmospheric 'Jean Michel Jarre is my uncle' music, and if you can brave that sort of thing you'll return armed with knowledge of curious Animals Of The Future. Like the entirely non-alarmistly-named DEATHGLEANER, a sort of giant bat imagined after too much Moorcock. Or the not in any way ridiculous poggle. Maybe the fundamentally unlikely Ocean Phantom, which looks more like a piece of modern glassware. Carakillers! Terabytes! (Yes. Terabytes.) SHARKOPATHS! GRIMWORMS! Frank Herbert would be so proud.

It's such a silly show and I have so much affection for it.

Sharkopaths. Honestly.

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