July 22nd, 2006

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There was a storm, which woke me up, which is the best way to be woken up, really - crashing thunder overhead++. It failed, however, to bring any rain with it, which is less good. Still, it seems a bit less unbearable today.

Which is nice, because I'm going up to Essex to visit my godmother's parents on their farm today. I haven't been in years, because her mum's been really ill and I've been scared to go and see her any less than the amazingly strong semi-grandmother she's always been to me. I don't want to get there and find I've somehow grown out of the place, either. But we'll see. I'm glad to be going. There'll be ducks! I like ducks.

So that's all, really, back on Monday I'd imagine. Hope you're all all right, no time to check back, leaving soon. :) But lots of love.

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