July 8th, 2006

Under the ivy


In true this-is-what-happens-for-my-birthdays fashion, notintheseheels and I made it all the way out to Thorpe Park yesterday only to be greeted by a man bearing the news that there'd been a park-wide power failure and everyone had to go home. We'll go on Monday instead, but it's still bloody frustrating, especially since it meant we had to spend an hour on a small bus with a group of absolutely appalling young women and only mildly less appalling young men. The youth of today should not be dressing up in tiny ra-ra skirts and greasing their hair extensions and putting lipliner Jodie Marsh would be ashamed of on and then pawing boys they only happened to meet due to being on the same bus. At the age of fifteen. Also they should be less stupid; ten minutes into the ride someone behind us said "Oh, I thought that was it!" and on looking to see what they meant discovered that they'd mistaken a crane for the entrance to Thorpe Park. God only knows what happens when they pass a children's playground.

Despite my family life settling down, I am still not having a terribly good time of it, which is rather a shame, but there you go. notintheseheels has introduced me to the bewildering talents of Russell Brand, which helps, and yesterday we watched a bit of early Julian Barratt stand-up only to discover that he used to be more unhinged than Noel Fielding (and look a little bit like Vince from Queer As Folk).

mock_the_stupid occasionally fills me with the joy of not being other people. Today is sort of one of those days, although I also kind of wish I were other people. Because then I might be smiling. Mneh. Never mind, we'll try again on Monday.

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