April 6th, 2006

Micko + Micki

Look! An update!

Surely not. Strangely those occasional long silences of mine tend to end whenever I find someone new and desperately interesting on LiveJournal and add them to my Flist. Odd how that happens. Anyway, yes, still living - enjoying some of it, even - sorry for the absence of words anywhere other than kittensounds.

My family life being as generally messy as it is right now, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed 1) the first night of mum's opera on Monday (brilliant, thank god) and 2) going to the V&A with dad on Tuesday. We were both too tired to look round much, but there was a certain amount of collective cooing over beautiful musical instruments, and some excitement on my part about the costume collection, of course. And then dad bought a charming reproduction early Deco china Box To Put Things In. Retail therapy helps everyone, even sulky septagenarians.

And yesterday involved the lovely lolliepopp wandering around bits of London with me and talking about Life, The Wank and Everything, so hurray for that. She is wonderful and bought me a box set of Cirque Du Soleil DVDs, which I am extremely thrilled about. And now I'm making CDs for asrana and waiting for sparksoflight to get home so I can blather at her about music. I'm quite happy, considering.

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