March 23rd, 2006

(I've tried patience)

'Cause there's nothing to tell

I'd like to have something to put in a LiveJournal post, but I sort of don't, hence these memes and random thoughts that have been my journal for the last little while. Life here continues as normal; it can't do anything else, really, because mum's still living with me and I can't have anyone round and I can't do anything much, while she's here, which is either good or infuriating depending on how I'm feeling. I'm avoiding college as much as possible because, as previously noted, it is full of morons. The only things worth talking about are my dreams, but even those aren't as much fun at the moment as some of my previous dreams have been and I'd hate to feel that I'd let you down. :)

Most of what I feel a need to post about at the moment consists of my feelings towards various people, and where once I might have felt fine with saying all that in a LiveJournal post, these days I think it's probably a bit unnecessary. I don't know why I want to tell you all that x is amazing or y is fantastic or q is brilliant or k is lovely or d and m are gorgeous; for one thing, if I ever see you to talk to then you already know all that, and for another, I could tell them myself, really. And I do. So why broadcast it? Quite.

I have nothing to say. So here's a bunny with a pancake on its head, in slightly approximate French, which makes it even funnier somehow.

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    'Late At Night', Futureshock. Again. Because it's love.