March 9th, 2006

(I've tried patience)

Arms out, just dance

Hello, I'm going to Cambridge in an hour or so and I don't know how much I'll be around online, so I just wanted to remind you to buy The Modern's new single 'Industry' if you haven't already done so (or possibly even if you have) - the midweek chart figures had them at NUMBER THIRTEEN. Come on. Top 20. We can. We really can. And they are doing a live PA at Sister Ray at around 6 o'clock this evening, so you could go and see them then if you wanted convincing. Or you can come with me to see them at Duckie on Saturday night. :) Or both. Obviously.

I won't be at Sister Ray because I will be gearing up to dance the night away at Versus III, DJed in part by our very own sparksoflight; if you're in Cambridge and like electro I advise you come along. It's for charity, too. :)

College is full of idiots and I'm quite looking forward to some conversation that doesn't involve classical music or people asking how to spell "of".

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    'Boys (Sin Remix)', Robots In Disguise. Again. :)