December 10th, 2005

Gother than thou. Or anyone.

We're recalled by messages

hazejam - sorry I left without saying goodbye, was having a bad night, plus, well, y'know. Will e-mail you.

kjersti - thank you for the book, sorry I didn't get to chat to you more, or indeed better.

latexiron - couldn't find you to say goodbye, sorry. x

mrph - so good to see you, looked for you when I left but couldn't find you. See you again sooner, I hope.

nisaba - you clearly win. :)

swisstone, ladymoonray - thank you for the card, it's gorgeous.

And thanks, everyone else who was lovely to me tonight. Just had to follow my own advice again in the end and go home, and I think I'll be giving B-Movie a miss for a while.