November 29th, 2005

Emily Strange

Tagged by nannyo list things that make me happy, presumably limited to ten, since everyone else's has been. No surprises here, mind.

1. Synthpop
2. Really close friends
3. Good things happening to good people
4. The Modern (as distinct from synthpop)
5. Unexpected, or indeed expected, homoeroticism
6. When the sky is so beautiful you want to stay looking at it forever
7. Being told I should be a music journalist
8. Giving people music
9. Rollercoasters
10. Thunderstorms

Tag, with apologies if you've done this and I've missed it : notintheseheels, sparksoflight, navigatorsghost, rahalia_cat, incorruptibles.

(I've tried patience)

She wanted everything and nothing now

Some of the best decisions I've made recently have been born out of a feeling of "Is it really, in fact, worth it?"
On those days or nights, it's turned out to be more 'worth it' than ever.

Proper review of a really quite good gig on Kittensounds tomorrow; for now, giddy and extremely happy for the following reasons :

1) Chi gave me a t-shirt. I now have an official Modern t-shirt, as well as the one I made myself.

2) Nathan remembered who I was.

3) So did Bob.

4) So did Robert. What's more - I knew I knew the magic word to start a conversation with Robert (starts with M, has an @ in it), so I used it, and it worked. He talked to me for bloody ages. See? Being a music nerd afficionado can be useful. Next mission : talk obscure New Romantic bands at Nathan, or something.

In short, hurray, good night. Thank you kjersti for a) coming and b) keeping me company during H17. Oh, and katyha, bad news, I'm afraid - that gig you were planning on coming to isn't happening, and apparently never was, I don't know why it's listed. Sorry. :/

But yes. Mmm. Band. I like them. They're good. Tired now, mind. But in possession of a shirt.

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    'Seven Oceans', of course. God I love that song.