November 25th, 2005

(I've tried patience)

Que sera, sera

Oh, The Future Is Wild does make me laugh - I think it was originally made in 2001 and they're just showing repeats on BBC 2 at the moment, but it's on every morning and it's just so silly. "What are those, oh learned professor who, strangely, is the same one every episode because nobody else in Britain takes this seriously?" "Well John, those are Killer Rainbow Death Death Death Emus." "Right, and this?" "Ah, you see, in the future, we'll quite obviously have Land-Dwelling Flying Melodramatic Octopuses. Of Death." "Indeed, I do see. And that?" "Oh, that's a...Gannet-Whale. And that's a Carakiller, you see, because it kills things." "So, learned professor, what's the scientific evidence for the idea that in several hundred thousand years' time, man will have survived to give the creatures of the future incredibly annoying, asinine and absurdly literal names?" "Well John, it's here, under my hat." "Right."

I am making up the Death Death Death Emus, and I'm not sure what the land-octopuses were actually called, although they're definitely part of the programme. The Gannet-Whales and Carakillers are 'real', though. Gannet-Whales. I ask you.

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How do you discover that this is your great talent?

Incidentally, while I'm here, I keep meaning to post this link of Wrong which I believe came courtesy of drpete. Worksafe (I'd imagine), just Wrong, and a bit 'I wish I hadn't looked closer at that' in places.

Gah. And now, somehow, I have to work up the energy to go home for the weekend. Where apparently my parents are both miserable and the only highlight is to be my nan's concert that she doesn't want to do and none of us wants to go to. Nothing changes, my Antarctica.