September 2nd, 2005

(I've tried patience)

Bullet-points fly

* I can burn CDs. It works. Yay! (There is not enough yay in the world, really.)

* A friend linked me last night to an article from the end of last year in which Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand talks about how brilliant he thinks slash fanfiction is. I kid you not and have been inordinately cheered up by this over the last 12 hours or so.

* During which I got an hour's sleep.

* Hence the bullet-points. Today will be spent hoovering and dusting and doing things like that and not in front of my computer making endless CDs. Bah.

* However, stupid vampire film of stupid with Marcus tonight, which is good.

* The hour's sleep involved a dream of really quite serious Wrong relating to Alex Kapranos and slash and the first person on my Flist to have mentioned Franz's new song. Help.

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