July 25th, 2005

(I've tried patience)


I turned the TV off quarter of an hour ago or so in utter disgust at the most sickeningly biased piece of television I've seen for quite a while (including anything and everything on Channel 5) - about teenagers who have abortions. I know I try to avoid saying anything in my journal that will start either a debate (unless it's about music) or a flamewar, and I know there are people who read my journal who are pro-life as well as people who are pro-choice, so this isn't intended as an attack on anyone, ok?

Apart from the people who made the programme. I expect better from the BBC than spooky atmospheric shots of teddy bears hanging by the neck while creepy music box music plays. I expect better than sending an 'expert' around to a family's home who then spends the entire visit being so breathtakingly rude and patronising to the teenager in question that if it had been me, I'd have demanded that she leave. "You do realise, don't you, that in a few weeks you'll be having a little baby, not a kitten?" Argh. To say nothing of the bizarre inconsistency between apparently doubting that the girl understands the reality of having a child, but also declaring that she was too young to understand the ramifications of having an abortion. What? I'm sorry, what's she *supposed* to do, then? Cryogenically freeze it while she grows another couple of years?
I expect better than sinisterly-lit shots of perfectly respectable operating theatres clearly intended to make them look no better than the old back-street abortion houses. I expect much, much better than the narrator using language when describing the work of Marie Stopes that implies that they're somehow unsafe in their practices.


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