June 14th, 2005

(I've tried patience)

And yesterday...

Jason X : oh, so very, very stupid. But in an endearingly tongue-in-cheek way. This followed by Wes Craven's New Nightmare and then Freddy vs Jason, because, well, we had to. Then I took lovelyoliver to see Sin City, which was even better this time than it was last time (because I'd got over the having to laugh at Clive Owen's hair) and which Oliver loved, which is good, because I want everyone to see it and love it. And then there was silliness at Rocksoc pubmeet, with many lovely people including an extraordinarily welcome olithered who appears to have convinced me to come to a metal night by the simple means of promising to wear a suit. I'm so easily persuaded.

This was followed by me going to sleep and dreaming about Sean Bean doing Things to Liam Neeson whilst telling him Other Things about Christian Bale. More like that, please.

Morning. So far Cambridge is mostly good, somewhat bad, generally Cambridgelike in places, and I'm glad to be here but also reminded of why I don't spend this much time here in one go, and shouldn't, and won't again for some time.

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Random pretty boy obsession.

Geek sex.

For reasons as yet undisclosable (actually we'll probably never be able to, but never mind) fiona_kitty and I were discussing what constituted 'geek sex' just now, and she suggested that it involved having a keyboard beside you during the sex, and I said, 'Sex that is silent but for the sound of someone typing "Oh god, oh god, oh god".

Then we looked at each other and realised this was a strangely attractive thought. And then how utterly odd we were. So I felt I had to post about it to give you all another chance to laugh at me.

And, since it won't fit anywhere in the story I'm writing, I'll put this Collapse )

Happy Tuesday, Fiona.


(Odd. But you knew that.)
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