June 2nd, 2005

Here be *dragons*, I said. Are you *deaf*?

...made from fruit that consented to be in the jam in the first place...

I've just been watching Jam, which is both the weirdest and the most brilliant (in much the same way) thing I've seen since Urban Gothic. (Haze, have you still got those videos for me?) I'm supposed to be scared by it, but I can't be - just like with Urban Gothic I'm too busy being impressed to be frightened, though I wouldn't want a trip through Chris Morris's brain without at least a flashlight. I'm not sure whether he's a truly extraordinary man, or whether he's an average man who's been given a camera and some actors, and had an operation to remove the filter that would normally catch his ideas before they became simulated reality.

Anyway, this is also by way of saying I'm back in London now, having gone home for some unpleasant dental surgery that took place while I was under sedation staring happily at pictures of ferns, and I need a bit of a rest for a few days, so, though I don't think there was anything I was meant to be doing this weekend anyway, if there was, please excuse me from it. I'll probably be in bed.

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    'Sand In My Shoes', Dido.