April 13th, 2005

(I've tried patience)


A while ago swisstone very kindly lent me his DVD of Master & Commander, which I've just watched as an accompaniment to the ongoing cross stitch. It is, in fact, gorgeous, isn't it? I'm kind of surprised. Hurrah for unexpectedly good films.

And I *know* I've got a music journal now and I *know* I should shut up about this band but I bought The Departure's single yesterday and have just listened to the B-side and it's so impossibly good and I want you all to hear it. So I thought I'd headsup all of you, even though none of you particularly care. (They're great! Album out in the summer! Buy it!)

Ahem. Yes, all right, I'll go back to cross stitching and staring at Paul Bettany in glasses now. I promise.

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    'Lump In My Throat', The Departure.