March 8th, 2005


March 2005 Music Headlines

It's that time again, kids. I'm DurAnorak, your host for today's teacup ride through the best, and possibly also the worst, of the surrounding month's chart music. Can't bear to sift through the garbage to find those precious stones? Likely to die if you accidentally hear another Atomic Kitten track whilst searching for the Next Big Thing? Don't worry, I'm here, with the fifth in an occasional series.

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So there we have it. Any questions?

I'd also like to tell you all that I bought the Kaiser Chiefs' album yesterday. The boxed version. I shouldn't have - I can't afford it - but it is literally the most gorgeous new music-related thing I have seen since, well, ever. I had to have it, and the collector in me is still weeping tears of joy. It comes with paper money!

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