January 29th, 2005


It's Saturday, it must be CD:UK time...

Although there was so much nonsense on CD:UK that I spent most of the time watching TOTP Saturday instead. All the same, some good things :

* U2's upcoming single, 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own', sounds far better now than it did when I first heard it a couple of months ago. I'm not sure how that works, quite, but in any case, it's beautiful.

* It's all gone a bit 80s in the world of Avril Lavigne, whose next single 'He Wasn't' is some weird conflagration of the usual angry chick-rock and Kim Wilde, both in music and in video (where there's lots and lots of black and white stripes. And, eventually, for no real reason, rather a lot of pink paint everywhere.) I heard it first ages ago and thought it was rather good, and I'm still of that opinion, though if you already dislike her it's definitely not going to change your mind.

* Sticking with the 'all gone a bit 80s', really - oh my god, Hanson. (Excuse me while I regress almost ten years and turn into a squeaking heap of thud.) So Ike has stopped looking so much like a Wookie and now looks like Prince Charles's missing son, so Zac is still somehow unfeasibly irritating; Taylor just gets more gorgeous, and - oh, yeah, there's a song, too. It's called 'Penny And Me' and it's absolutely lovely, just in a strangely mid-80s American ballad-y way. Much talk of rolling windows down and turning radios up, and all that Don Henley kind of thing. I like it lots, though, and it made me cry.

* The other thing that made me cry this morning? Daniel Bedingfield is back, and, for which I thank many gods, is releasing 'Wrap My Words Around You' as his next single.
There's just something about this song. I was in floods when I first heard it, and again at just hearing a clip of it this morning. I think the lyrics are astoundingly good; musically it's got a kind of quiet beauty that sneaks up behind you and blindfolds you; he sings it in a way you have no choice but to believe. Really takes my breath away, this song. Really.

Anyway, as you were. ~s~

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