January 20th, 2005


[Music] Listen up out there.

No, no, really. Unless you absolutely cannot bear anything to do with electronic music, in which case you can switch off now.
The other day I linked to the website of Temposhark, as a sort of afterthought, and mentioned that I'd noticed them in passing in HMV and was going back to get their single, 'Neon ?'. Which I did yesterday. I think I may have accidentally stumbled across something really great. Now, I may well be premature on this, 'cause I don't think they've had any other singles out and due to the uselessness of my net connection I can't listen to the other songs on their website, but there are three songs on the single (and one remix of one of the three) and where one of them (a sort of incidental instrumental) is merely quite good, the other two are just fantastic.

I can list all sorts of things they're like. They're like Miss Kittin & The Hacker but with a guy on vocals. They're like a twisted car crash between synthpop and indie, where nobody got hurt but everyone ended up having sex in the wreckage. They're like Soft Cell doing the Pet Shop Boys or like Tiga doing Spandau Ballet. And that's all in two songs. Mostly they're just really, really good. So if any of that sounds like a good thing to you, do go and check out the website (where you can listen to samples and tell me I'm talking nonsense).
They're playing Electrogogo later this year. I rather expect I'll be there.

Edit : Had no internet yesterday afternoon/evening, so have only just got around to answering remaining questions in last entry. Done now.

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    'Crime (Extended)', Temposhark. For weeks, I expect.
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You know. You know, my mum is right. I don't ever think about anyone but myself.
So stupid, so fucking stupid.

If I still feel like this in the morning, I'll need to delete my journal for a little while - not long, probably just a few hours. I'd do it now but last time everyone worried and I want them to not worry this time so I thought I'd give people fair warning.

But. Christ. How many times do I have to fuck up before one of you does the decent thing and tells me to leave you all the hell alone?