January 18th, 2005

(I've tried patience)


Morning all. Cheers for people's comments to last night's post - mum and I actually managed to spend a fairly civilised evening together after all that, which is a good thing. (deborah_c, I'm sorry but mum wants to see me again at 1 this afternoon, so I won't be able to see you between then and college.)

Looks like definitely Synthetic Culture on Friday (which will be good - dancing is, generally). Today is mostly looking for a present for my nan, so mum can take it down to Sussex with her (otherwise apparently my nan will crucify my mother for not making me, or something) and then edging into college, because my singing teacher is kind and wants to see me to check how I am. She says I don't have to sing today if I don't want to, which is lovely of her, but I think just being in the building is going to be the bit I can't handle. Never mind; I have to. And it's not for long.

And once again I am amazed at how incredibly flaky I sound. Trust me, this is annoying me almost as much as it must be annoying you. ~s~ Some of you will be glad to know that there's enough good new music out there to warrant another Music Headlines post in the not too distant future, so at least there'll be something to distract from my otherwise-constant whining. ~g~

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    'Cooling (live)', Tori Amos.

(Things beginning with M)++

Largely because they include Money - my student loan came through today - and Music - I immediately went to HMV and Bought Things. Kasabian's album (why on earth hadn't I bought it before?), Auf Der Maur's album (on sale and therefore actually affordable for once), and also singles by Scissor Sisters (gayest song ever written ever), Client (because the B-side is a cover of White Wedding), and Riviera F (because one of the tracks was produced by Nick Rhodes).
More rambling on request, obviously, but I thought I'd give you the short version. ~s~ Have also slightly updated this. Sillier by the week.

Other things beginning with M that are good : Mmm, bagels.

Edit : Also, I am late enough to this band that they already have a single carried by HMV, but if you have a slightly faster computer than mine (i.e. if you are human), you may wish to wander past the home of Temposhark. I can only apologise for not finding them sooner. I shall pick up their single tomorrow.

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    'Another Crash And Burn', Riviera F.